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MyOwn Harmony

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The treatments described on the following pages have the potential to increase your ability to move and do your daily activities with a reduced pain level, or possibly, pain-free. This change could provide you with a happier outlook on life, as pain can cause us to be a little grumpy towards the world. When you choose to utilise our services, we will become the facilitator to help your body repair itself, and progress you to your correct state of homeostasis or whole body balance.

A key factor to keep in mind, when you request assistance from MyOwn Harmony with your treatment protocols and journey back to your optimum health goal, IS that YOU have the RESPONSIBILITY to take charge of the treatment program and stick to it. No one else can do YOUR exercises for you; it is up to YOU. When you choose to work with MyOwn Harmony, then WE (YOU and the PRACTIONER) become a TEAM, working together for YOUR success, and achieve the outcomes you want/need to be happy in life. In order to become healthy, you need to be responsible for your life and make your life what you want it to be like. So stop coasting along. Life will never give you a free hand out, there is always a price, pay it and live free and happy on your journey through your life. YOUR happiness is worth it!

Why Choose to Work With Me

I do not consider my profession to be a job. I love what I do and helping people wherever I can, is a great privilege. I have worked in a variety of careers that have educated me in various ways and that have provided me with my current skills set. I believe that each job and new skill that I have gained has lead me to where I am right now in this career as a helper for the public in general. My primary focus is on assisting people to regain their freedom of movement and reducing their level of pain experienced in normal daily activities. Having previously suffered with neck and lower back issues, that continue to flare up from time to time, I understand that being unable to move in a pain-free manner can give you grief with some of the simplest of tasks - activities that we usually take for granted, until we are unable to do them. It is my honest and heart-felt desire to nurture the soul, and assist to the best of my capabilities those who seek my help, guidance, facilitation to better health and/or to a better frame of mind and function of the body that we live in. Life is to be lived, not endured and it my aim to help others to rediscover living happy again.

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