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Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is a Chinese style of massage that does not require the mess of oil, to achieve a Remedial style massage or Relaxation effect to the person recieveing the massage.
One use of this massage system, is as a rhymic type of massage where the body is kept to a point in a constant state of rocking or movement to lul the muscles and the nervous system into a tension free state of relaxation.
Since there is no need for the use of oil, this style is great for Corporate massage work, where the practitioner will go to the work place and set up a table or chair and provide the client some relief to their tension problems. Making the worker happier and more productive therefore making their employer happy.

I am a qualified Musculoskeletel Practitioner, I am also a Remedial massage practitioner, with training in Tui Na massage.

You will find additional information on each of the modalities that i use under the services section on the drop down menu and how these can aid you to regain or improve on your current lifestyle with increased mobility and decreased pain.

Origins and History

Tui Na is a style of massage still used in China today and has been used for over 4000 years. The Tui Na massage system uses various pressure on the body to stimulate the meridian energy systems within the body.
When this is done by a qualified Tui Na Practitioner, the 11 systems in the body can be impacted upon with great effect, createing a dynamic healing environment, even for mental conditions such as depression and anxiety.

When Tui Na is used as a Remedial style massage to stimulate the healing qualities held in the body, it can be a vigorious massage that at times, can be a little uncomfortable untill you get used to the strength of the massage style.

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