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So who am I?

My name is Kevin Pearce and i have been a Remedial massage Practitioner since 2009. My passion is simply to assist people so that they are happier in life. I do my best to achieve this by using massage and other neuromuscular techniques with the aim of improving the clients life though better functional movement enabling people to gain a better quality of life and be happier.
Well that is enough about me....I am more interested in hearing about you and how I maybe able to assist you to find your solutions either with the Musculoskeletal work. So together we can plan your progress through to your happier future. Call me Now to discuss your needs and goals, and we shall see where that leads us.

If I am not in your vicinity or I am just too far away for you to see me for a consult. Then just follow this link by clicking here (ANTA) for Musculoskeletal solutions. This link will take you to my association website and you can look for the closest professional practitioner to your location. I hope this assists you in your endeavour to great health and Happiness.
Other practitioners/colleagues that I recommend to be seen are in a list I have provided for you below. just click on the business names beside the bullet point and you will be taken to their contact website, where you can contact them and see if they can assist you.
Have a great day!

Here are the list of contacts in no particular order for your convienence:


Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA), is one of a few Professional Associations that as a governing body protect the public by ensuring the practitioners are accountable for their actions and prevent a practitioner from mis-representing themselves to the public.
To provide a Remedial Massage service to the general public, we MUST be part of a recognised professional massage association. When registered with a professional association, they govern us by:

  • keeping us up to date on laws that pertain to our particular modality
  • ensure we have our first-aid certification up to date
  • register us with most of the Health funds (if we qualify to all criteria)
  • ensure that we are continualy keeping up to date in our field of expertice
  • and many other aspects, all to keep the public safe!

For more information about ANTA follow the link at the bottom of the page or click here

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