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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a Method of manual treatment protocols that work through the layers of tissue and created movement in the affected areas of the body to assist in bringing the body back into a state of balance and function, where your pain is reduced or removed depending on the dysfunction that you are currently suffering from. As the treatment is an holistic approach it will encompass the muscles, joints, sinuous and fascial materials together in their biomechanical function, all to gain full benefit of the treatment and obtain the needed outcome for the client.
Suffer no longer! Make an appointment. To talk with us and see if we can assist your body to return back to full function again, so you can take control and enjoy being pain free again.

Benefits from Remedial Massage

The benefits of the Remedial Massage for the client is the stimulation of the periferal nervous system in order to create ease of pain and dyscomfort; the increased blood flow that will help to flush out the toxins from the muscles; and to tone and relax the muscles promoting the ease of movement and joint mobility. Remedial Massage affects the body down to the celular level promoting good health, tissue repair, reduction of muscle tension and joint stiffness all through a simple aproach of relaxing the muscular system.

Common aliments that Remedial Massage has a good impact on are: Arthritis, muscle tightness and pain, whiplash, headaches, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, Functional scoliosois and sports injuries.

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