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MyOwn Harmony offers a variety of treatment types (or modalities). For more information about the different modalities offered, please read the corresponding page and find out how you can regain your health or improve on your current lifestyle with increased mobility and decreased pain.

The price of your consultation will vary depending on the style of treatment (or modality) that you are needing to help you achieve the goals and outcomes.

At Tarragindi Allied Health
A standard 1Hr Musculoskeletal(MST) treatment = $90
Ear Candling = $70
Extended session times (like 1.5Hrs or 2Hrs) are also available provided that the desired treatment protocol will not cause a detrimental impact on your health caused by overwork. The body can only handle so much at a time before rest and recovery is needed. These longer sessions are priced by the standard hourly treatment cost for that modality.
For example, for Musculoskeletal (MST) treatment:
1.5Hr treatment = $135
2Hr treatment = $180

At Move Osteopathy, please call 07 3854 0087 for your enquiry on price.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be bought singularly (at the standard treatment cost) for yourself, for that special person in your life, or just as a thank you to someone you know who deserves a treatment. Or they can be bought in bulk (in groups of 5 or 10) in order to save you money in the long run of your treatment schedule.

1 Gift Voucher = $90 (standard treatment cost)

5 Gift Vouchers = $425 (a saving of $5 per treatment)

10 Gift Vouchers = $800 ( a saving of $10 per treatment)

NOTE: Full payment is required on the day of purchase for the quantity of vouchers that you wish to purchase. Part payment and layby conditions are not applicable to Gift Vouchers.

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