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Manual Dry Needling

Manual Dry Needling is the practice of releasing Trigger points in muscle tissue and tension within the Fascial system. The term DRY refers to the needle being SOLID, not hollow like a hypodermic needle used to introduce or remove fluids from the body intravenously or intramuscularly.

The method is used to alleviate pain and dysfunction in the muscle and joint systems of the body. It works by causing an inflammatory response at the region and allowing the body to respond to the stimulus, with its healing process and repairing the problems that created your pain in the first place. Allowing your body to return back to a pain free movement.

Empirical evidence shows that the results from dry needling can last longer than manual methods of intervention and is used when the area of the body is too painful for the manual methods, or to achieve more of the treatment regime in the available time frame.

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